CGI::Kwiki is simple yet powerful Wiki environment written in Perl as a CPAN module distribribution. It was written by Brian Ingerson.

This is CGI::Kwiki Version 0.17

Changes in this release:

- RCS Support!!!
- Changed wiki_link regexps to include '_'
- Cleaned up html and css (Adam Trickett)
- Support template/local/ directory
- Add Login button to edit
- Added Blog to navbar
- Change localtime to gmtime
- Added time to Recent Changes

Changes in this 0.16:

- Support Page Privacy (Public, Protected, Private)
- Support administrator login
- Kwiki Blog is a reality
- Allow uppercase suffixes for urls (.GIF)
- Display 'Site Index' for empty search (Joerg Braukhoff)
- Display 'Search' as the page_id on a search results page.
- Bang (!) before bracket ([) negates the usual formatting effect.
- Defeat browser caching (Joerg Braukhoff)
- Support $ENV{REMOTE_USER} for htaccess (Pardus)

Changes for version 0.15:

- Support unicode character classes in page names
- Search searches page names
- Search is written in Perl now, instead of grep
- Cookies span sessions
- Allow ftp:// and irc:// links
- Allow to create a new page from an old one
- Dead wiki links use
- Stop links from being underlined
- Allow Wiki links like K Wiki
- Support


- Refactored installation and upgrade process
- Added 0.17 format for $CGI::Kwiki::VERSION

Changes for version 0.14:

- Works with mod_perl.
- Preferences works.
- Support for page metadata.
- Recent Changes shows who last edited page.
- Almost all non-perl content is now written to
appropriate files. Javascript, CSS etc. Much easier to
maintain and extend now.
- Support mailto links and inline code.
- https links added. Thanks to Greg Schueler.
- ':' added to charset for page names. Suggested by
James Fitz Gibbon.
- Javascript fix reported by Mike Arms.
- Security hole in CGI params fixed. Reported by
Tim Sweetman.
- Emacs artifact bug fix by Heikki Lehvaslaiho.
- Cleaned up unneeded

tags. Reported by Holger Schurig